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Solan Tourism

Solan, a small town with panoramic beauty, is located very near to Shimla, one of the most popular and the most beautiful tourist destinations of India. Solan is a preferred tourist destination for those who are looking for few days of solitude along with the comfort and luxury of home. Popularly known as “Mushroom Capital of India for its numerous mushroom farms, Solan has its name originated from the name of Mata Shoolini, the main deity of this area. Solan is also nicknamed as the “City of Red" for its huge production of tomatoes.

Tourism in Solan

Mushroom farms and breweries of Solan have become interesting places to visit for the tourists who keep coming here from various corners of the world. Because of its beautiful landscapes, interesting tourist spots, luxurious resorts & spas, diverse wildlife, and exciting activities to do, Solan is gaining popularity as one of the most happening vacation destinations for people of different genres. Read this article to know more about Solan Tourism.  

Tourist Spots in Solan

Solan boasts many types of tourist places which range from natural walking trails to heritage park complex. Find here the information about different tourist places in Solan.

Kiarighat in Solan


Located only 19 KM away from Solan, Kiarighat is a very popular tourist destination. Kiarighat is popular among the tourists for its splendid natural beauty. The Apple Cart Inn, a Dak Bungalow transformed into a guest house, is a spectacular accommodation place in Kiarighat. 

Karol Tibba

Famous for its picturesque beauty, Karol Tibba is visited by great numbers of picnickers and adventure enthusiasts. Karol Tibba is also famous for its religious importance. It is believed that during their exile, the Pandavs lived here. There is a cave or Goofa which is called Sidh Goofa or Karol Goofa. This is the longest cave located in the Himalayas. There are few temples located on this hill which are Hanuman Temple, Kali Temple and Thakur Temple.

Khetrapal Marg

It is a walking trail where you would be able to enjoy some of the most mesmerizing natural sceneries. Some interesting folklores are also associated with this road. So when you are in Solan, enjoy a long walk along with your dear ones on this beautiful road fringed by tall Deodar, Oak and Pine Trees.

Nalagarh Palace, Solan

Nalagarh Palace

Located on the top of a hill in Solan, Nalagarh Palace is a popular tourist spot of Solan. This palace is now converted into a heritage Fort Resort. Visitors coming here get spellbound with the unique decorations of the palace entrance and the well maintained gardens and laws of this palace. The palace architecture showcases the blending of the Mughal and Indian style. The right portion of this palace is the Hans Mahal, the private residence of the descendents of the royal family.

 The Mohan Maekin Brewery of Solan, one of the oldest breweries of India, is famous for its some of the internationally known brands of products. Many tourists keep this brewery in their itinerary during their Solan visit. 

Parks and Gardens in Solan

Solan has some beautifully decorated parks and gardens which have become the most preferred destinations for the adults and the kids especially during the weekends.

Mohan Shakti Heritage Park

Tourist Spots in SolanThough the name indicates that it is a park but Mohan Shakti Heritage Park is actually beautiful temple complex. It has a temple, huge plantation area, Ayurvedic healing programs and others. This heritage park is also called Mohan Shaktisthal and is located on the NH 22 on the shores of    Aswini River. The Heritage Park offers breathtaking views of the surroundings and has become a must-visit place for its beautifully carved marble sculptures, wooden doors and sandstone statues.

The sculptures are of various characters mentioned in the Vedas and also of different animals. Statues of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati are also present here. The statue of Lord Surya, riding on his chariot of 7 horses, embellishes the topmost part of the main building of the temple.  There are cooper and brass images of different Hindu Gods and Goddesses on the walls. After looking at the magnificent work of art of this heritage park, you can have some relaxing moment with tea and snacks at the local dhaba or shops here.

Jawahar Park

Named after the 1st Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Jawahar Park is an important place of attraction in Solan. Children enjoy visiting the mini zoo that houses many rabbits, cats, deer and birds. Children spend hours playing in the lush green lawn, enjoying the children rides and the toy train. For the adults, sitting places and walking trails are there.

Children Park

Children Park in Solan is one of the most visited places during weekends and on holidays. This park is located on Mall Road. Children in great numbers keep coming here for its varieties of enjoyable rides. The park also has a musical fountain and a café where people sit and enjoy some relaxing time. The park is famous for a kids’ ride that looks like an elephant which is called Haathi Gaadi.

Subhas Chandra Bose Park located on the hospital Road is another famous park in Solan. Solan also has many public grounds where different events and sports activities are organized throughout the year.

Historical Monuments in Solan

The history of Solan dates back to the era of the Mahabharata. Solan was an important place during the British Rule. This place has witnessed the revolt against the British Army which took place in 1920. Information about some historical monuments in Solan is provided below:

Monuments in Solan

Gurkha Fort

Also known as Arki Fort, Gurkha Fort has witnessed battle between the British Army and the Gurkhas during the early years of 19th century. Gurkha Fort was invaded by the Gurkhas and it remained under their control during 1815 – 1816 though it was part of the territory of the Baghal Rulers. Later on with the help of the British Army, the fort was restored by the Baghal Rulers. In the year 1850, the entire fort got refurbished by Raja Kishen Chand, a ruler of Baghal Dynasty. This fort is visited by art lovers for its intricate Pahari Style Murals.

Nauni Fort

The awe-inspiring Nauni Fort is situated at the peak of a hill in Solan. From far away, you can see the walls of this fort. It was used as a watch tower to keep an eye on the enemies. It is located on Solan Rajagarh road and visitors have to trek for 1 hour to reach here from the nearest motorable road.

Kuthar Fort

Situated very close to Subathu and Arki, Kuthar Fort is more than 800 years old and probably the oldest historical monument in this region. The fort has some fresh water springs within its premise. 

Museums in Solan

Solan has the pride of having its only museum named Dagshai Museum which was actually a jail during the British Rule.

Dagshai Jail Museum

Museums in SolanThe only museum Solan has is the Dagshai Jail Museum. This Central Jail, which was constructed in the year 1849, has now got transformed into a museum showcasing some of the important exhibits of the Colonial Rule in India. The jail has 54 cells with 16 of them having no windows. These cells were used to keep the prisoners in solitary confinement. This jail turned museum had witnessed execution of many important rebels and prisoners here. The Gorkha Rebels of 1857 Sepoy Mutiny were brought to this jail. Sikh soldiers who tried to escape from this jail and the leader of the Irish mutineers were also executed here.

Religious Places in Solan

Associated with the Hinduism and the Buddhism since ages, Solan HOuses some famous temples and monasteries. The information about some of the religious places in Solan is given below:

Shoolini Mata Temple

The famous temple of Shoolini Mata, located in Solan gets flocked with visitors from all over the world especially during the Shoolini Fair held in the month of June. Local traders and merchants put up stalls of different items at this fair.

Religious Spots in Solan

The temple of Shoolini Mata is located in the Solan Gaon, a nearby village and traditional dances, songs and wrestling competitions are held during the fair.

Jatoli Shiv Temple

Situated at a distance of 6 KM from Solan, Jatoli Shiv Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and considered as one of the sacred places of the Hindus. During the festival of Mahashivaratri, special fair is organized here every year. The temple remains open from 7 AM to 6 PM.

Drona Shiva TempleDrona Shiva Temple, Solan

Located amidst of dense woods on the top of a hill, Drona Shiva Temple is situated in Ambota Village in Solan. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is worshiped as a Shiva Linga here. It is believed that this temple was built by Sage Dronacharya, the teacher of the Pandavas and the Kauravas.  The samadhis of many sages namely Tameshwargiri, Gangagiri, Somagiri, Ichchagiri, and Harigiri can be seen beside this temple.

Bonpo Monastery

Bonpo Monastery is also known as Yung Drung Ling or Yung Drung Tibetan Monastery. This ancient monastery has a statue of Lord Shenrab Mibo. This monastery is the oldest Tibetan Monastery in India and second oldest monastery in the world. Located at Nauni, a place that is 12 KM away from Solan City, Bonpo Monastery attracts Buddhists and people from other religion on the occasion of New Year. Every year, Buddhist Lamas perform Cham Dance on the eve New Year at this age old Monastery.

Wildlife in Solan

Because of its diverse flora and fauna, Solan houses wildlife sanctuaries which have become the ideal habitat for many regular and endangered plants and animals.

Shilli Wildlife Sanctuary

Shilli Wildlife Sanctuary, SolanShilli Sanctuary, located very near to Solan Town was given the status of Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1974. This wildlife sanctuary has a total area of 2.14 square KM and houses some rare types of fauna and flora. The animals found here are Indian Porcupine, Goral, Barking Deer, Common Langur and others. The forest area has Dry Deciduous trees and is covered with Ban Oak   Trees. The nearby places to visit from this wildlife sanctuary are Mohan Shakti Peeth, Yung Drung Monastery and Kuthar Fort.

Manjathal Wildlife Sanctuary

Manjathal Wildlife Sanctuary has total area of 55,670 square KM and is the home to varieties of fauna and flora. Gorals, Goats, Cheer Pheasants are found in great numbers in the protected habitat of Manjathal Sanctuary. Jungle Houses are there within this sanctuary where visitors can stay. After reaching to Kashlog, a place situated on the road connecting Shimla and Bilaspur, tourists have to walk down to this wildlife Sanctuary.

Darlaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread over an area of 6 square KM, Darlaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Solan is the house to diverse animals and plants. The forest has temperate subtropical vegetable. The common animals found here are Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Black Bear, and Sambar. The main birds found here are Red Jungle Fowl, Chukor and Khaleej. During winter many migratory birds keep coming here.

Darlaghat Sanctuary in Solan

There is an arrangement of Eco-Trekking in this wildlife sanctuary which is organized by HPTDC. Darlaghat Sanctuary is located on NH 88 on Shimla Bilasour Road. This forest got declared as sanctuary in the year 1974. The best time to visit here is from March to May.

Things to Do in Solan

Solan has everything for all. Whether you are a youngster looking for some of the best adventure sports or you are in Solan along with your family, you will get enough opportunities in Solan to enjoy the fullest. Right from Camping to trekking, hiking to skiing, horse riding to river rafting, people could enjoy all these in Solan. Some popular camp sites of Solan are Pine Hills Eco Camp and Sanawar Eco Site.

Things to Do in Solan

Apart from having many sightseeing places, Solan also has shopping malls and market places where tourists enjoy shopping at their hearts’ desire. Dress materials, caps, woolen items, wooden items, and many other types of handicraft items are found here in these shops. Fresh fruits, dry fruits and fruit-based items are also found in abundance in these market places.

Jewelry in Solan

 Tibetan items like Thangkas, jewelries, Tibetan shoes and dresses are also sold in different parts of Solan especially in the Tibetan Market. Some of the popular market places in Solan are Chowk Bazaar, Mall Road, Ganj Bazaar, Lower Bazaar, Upper Bazaar, Dang Mall, City Center Plaza, Kapoor Complex, Kali Ghata Shopping Complex, Anand Ciniplex Mall, Platinum Mall and Tibetan Market within Anand Complex.

Solan in One Day

If you are looking forward to spend a day in Solan and do not want to miss out the important attractions of this town then you would definitely need a smart plan. After having early breakfast at any restaurant or Cafe in Solan such as Café 7, Republic of Chicken, Himani or Chanakya Restaurant, you can start for Shoolini Devi Temple, the most famous temple of Solan. Spend some time there offering your prayers to the deity and seeking her blessings. Jatoli Shiv Temple and Drona Shiva Temple are the other two places where an hour or so can be spent. If you are keen to know more about Buddhism and their rituals then you must not keep Bonpo Monastery outside your itinerary.

Restaurants in Solan

If you have kids or elderly people with you then visit to the children’s park, Jawahar Park and Mohan Park is a must. Visit to the Mohan Heritage Park will take you to a different world as this place offers spirituality, wellness and wonders of nature all together. In between, you can order for the local delicacies at the eateries located in different parts of Solan. If you are an adventure seeker and regular tourist spots do not attract you then you can plan for the wildlife sanctuary or trekking or camping activities in Solan. Wildlife watching and other outdoor activities would need quite a considerable amount of time but you would definitely have some of the best hours of your life here.

Trekking in Solan

Visiting local shops of Solan is a must for the shopping freaks. Shops located at various market places especially the Mall, the Chowk Bazaar, Upper and Lower Bazaar will have all types of locally made items of this region. You can buy them for decorating your home or as souvenirs for your friends. After shopping you can enjoy mouth licking snacks at the local shops along with a cup of steaming tea/coffee. Your hectic day will come to an end after you having sumptuous dinner and getting ready for a sound sleep.

Places near Solan

Some of the places in the close vicinity of Solan Town keep attracting tourists of all genres. These places near Solan are:


Barog used to be a small village which got fame after a tunnel was constructed here during the British Rule. Located on the Kalka-Shimla Highway, Barog is famous for its Choor Chandni Peak too. The tunnel is the largest tunnel present in the Kalka-Shimla Railway Route. Barog is located at a distance of 4 KM from Solan.

Barog near Solan


Salogra is located at a distance of 6 KM from Solan Town. Many attractive tourist spots especially villages with excellent landacpes are located in the close vicinity to Salogra. These villages are Mashiwar, Mahi, Top-ki-Berh and Basal. Trekking is a famous activity that gets organized quite often in Salogra. The dense forest of Deodar and Pine make this place one of the most eye-captivating places near Solan.

One Day Trip from Solan

You can plan a short trip to places around Solan. These places can be reached within an hour or so and you can come back to Solan after enjoying your whole day stay at these places. Given here the information about various places where you can plan one day trip from Solan.

Nahan from Solan


Nahan is a wonderful town which is known for its lush green surroundings and snowcapped mountains. Located on the Shivalik Hills, Nahan is only 90 KM away from Solan. The total time needed to reach Nahan from Solan is about 2 hours. Nahan offers exotic tourist spots for its visitors such as Suketi Fossil Park, Renuka Lake, Simbalwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Rani Tal, Jaitak Fort, Bikram Bagh and Khadar-ka-Bagh. Nahan also boats many religious places like Trilokpur Temple, Renuka Temple, and Jaggannath Temple. Trekkers keep visiting Nahan for trekking and other activities at Choordhar Peak and Jamu Peak.


Naldehra is famous for its eye-catching natural beauty. It is located at a height of 2044 m and is considered as an important religious place of Hindus. There is a famous temple called Mahunag Temple at Naldehra. Naldehra is located about 68 KM away from Solan is the total time needed to reach here from Solan is about 2 hours. Naldehra Golf Course is an internationally famous golf course which is flocked by golf lovers from all corners of the world. The best time to visit here is from March to June and also from August to December. Trekking and hiking are popular activities for the adventure lovers which are mostly done at Shailey Park. White River Rafting is done at Chabba Village in Naldehra.

Mashorba from Solan


Mashorba is a beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh which is only 55 KM away from Solan. Mashorba is only 1 hour drive from Solan. Mashorba is an ideal destination for a one day trip from Solan. Many types of outdoor activities are organized in Mashorba e.g. camping and trekking. Tourists can enjoy different types of fresh fruits in Mashorba which is one of the prime suppliers of fruits in the region and outside. The Mahasu Fair is organized in Mashorba which is dedicated to Mahasu Devta. This festival is organized in the month of May near the Durga Mata Temple of Mashorba.


Kurfi is located at a distance of 59 KM from Soaln and the total driving time to reach Kurfi from Solan is 1 hour. Tourist destinations like Fagu and the Great Himalayan Nature Park in Kurfi are visited by tourists from all over the world.  Temples with beautiful wooden carvings attract devotees and art lovers from different parts of the world. Kurfi is a popular adventure destination where activities like trekking, hiking, skiing, camping, and horse riding are organized. The best time to visit Kurfi is from March to November.


Parwanoo from SolanParwanoo is only 40 minutes drive from Solan Town and is located at a distance of 42 KM from Solan. Parwanoo is famous for its splendid natural beauty and numerous orchards. Tourists get to taste fresh fruits and fruit products like jams, jellies, and juices when they come to Parwanoo. Many gardens and religious places are located in Parwanoo. Parwanoo has a Cactus Garden which is spread over an area of seven acres. The popular hill resort of Parwanoo, Tiber Trail, is located on the top of the hill and can be reached through a cable car. The resort is surrounded by the dense forest consist of Deodar and Pine Trees.

Weekend Getaways from Solan

There are wonderful places in Himachal Pradesh which you could visit during a weekend. These places have numerous tourist spots and adventure opportunities for the visitors. Find here information about some weekend getaways from Solan.


Keylong, a beautiful tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh is about 394 KM away from Solan. The total time taken to reach Keylong from Solan is 6 – 7 hours. Keylong has some of the oldest and the most beautiful monasteries. Kardang Monastery, Tayul Monastery, Guru Ghantal Monastery and Gemur Monastery are some of the popular monasteries of this region. Other important places to visit are Udaipur, Sissu and Tandi. You can enjoy varieties of activities like skiing, trekking, jeep safari, paragliding and camping at different places of Keylong.


Another popular hill station of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie, is a wonderful weekend getaway that you can visit from Solan. The distance between Solan and Dalhousie is about 354 KM and total time needed to reach Dalhousie is about 5 – 6 hours. Established by Lord Dalhousie in 1854, this beautiful town has splendid natural beauty and many interesting places for the tourists.

Dalhousie from Solan

Apart from visiting places like Ganji Pahari, Garam Sadak, Chobia Pass and Barjeshwari Devi Temple in Dalhousie, visitors get to see rich collection of exhibits at the Bhuri Singh Museum.


Naggar is an ideal tourist destination from Solan for those who are looking for a serene place with an excellent natural beauty. Being the oldest capital of Kullu Rulers, Naggar still has many historical monuments which bear the glory and elegance of the bygone days. The main attraction being the Naggar Castle, a castle transformed into heritage hotel, the other important places are Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery, Nicholas Roerich Gallery, Tripura Sundari Temple, Muralidhar Temple and others. Activities like fishing, river rafting, trekking are very popular among the tourists. The best time to visit Naggar is from April to July.


If you are planning to visit Palampur from Solan on a weekend you would actually sooth your eyes with a peaceful atmosphere and captivating landscapes. Located in the Kangra Valley, Palampur is about 321 KM away from Solan. The total time needed to reach Palanpur from Solan is about 4 hours. Situated at a height of 1220 m, Palampur is the ideal place for the art lovers and the nature lovers.

Palampur from Solan

Also known as Tea Country, visitors would enjoy snowcapped Dhauladhar Mountain, splendid colonial bungalows and many age old temples. The best time to visit Palampur is during the summer months.


 Bhuntar is a small town located near Kullu.  Situated at a height of 2050 m, Bhuntar is about 227 KM away from Solan. Bhuntar is not only a gateway to Kullu but is a place of immense historical and cultural importance. This small town is famous among the adventure seekers for its numerous adventure opportunities such as hiking, rock climbing, etc. If you are planning in Solan visit during the month of June/July then you better not miss out the famous Bhuntar Fair that is held in the month of June/July.

Accommodation in Solan

Solan gets visited by tourists almost throughout the year and to cater people of different preferences and budgets. Solan has different types of accommodations available. Right from budget hotels to luxury hotels, Solan in Himachal Pradesh has all. Find here the information about some of the hotels in Soaln.

Accommodation in SolanHimani Resorts Pvt. Limited

Himani Resorts Pvt. Limited is a 2-star hotel with 22 rooms in it. The minimum room tariff is about Rs. 1000 and maximum is Rs. 3800.

The Mall
Solan Himachal Pradesh
Phone No.: 01792 222 470

Suryavilas Luxury Resort and Spa

This Resort and Spa is a 5-star hotel with about 36 rooms in it. The minimum roof tariff is about Rs. 10000 and the maximum room tariff is approximately Rs. 25000.


Kumarhatti Nahan Road,
Phone No.: 01792 307 000
Email Id: info@suryavilas.com
Website: www.suryavilas.com

Tarika Jungal Retreat

This hotel has 65 rooms where the minimum tariff is about Rs. 6500 and the maximum tariff is about Rs. 45000.

Chail Blossom,
Tehsil Kandaghat
Phone No.: 01793 248 684

Best Time to Visit Solan

February to November months are the best time to plan your Solan tour as the temperature remains pleasant to enjoy sightseeing and various other activities in Solan. Though the maximum temperature of Solan may vary between 30 0C - 35 0C during the months of April, May and June but many visitors plan their visit in these months to enjoy summer festival organized in and around Solan.

How to Reach Solan

Solan is easily approachable by many parts of Himachal Pradesh as well as from the neighboring states. All modes of transports like rail, road and air connect Solan to important places of India. Shimla Airport is the nearest airport to Solan. Shimla is about 45 KM away from Solan.  Taxis, private buses and the state buses are available for the passengers to reach Solan from Shimla Aiport. The nearest international airport to Solan is the Chandigarh Airport.
Solan Railway Station
Solan is connected through the narrow gauge railway line, world-famous heritage railway route of Kalka – Shimla. Kalka is a famous railway station connected to broad gauge railway line of India Railway. Kalka connects to almost all major cities of north India such as Amritsar, Delhi, Ludhiana, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Shimla and Ambala. Enough communication facilities are available to reach Solan from Kalka Railway Station.
Solan is well connected to important towns and cities like Amritsar, Dehradun, Delhi, Barog, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ambala, and Kalka through the National Highway 22 and other roads. Solan boasts two bus stands. One of them is the main bus stand which is located just below the ITI Solan. Another bus stand of Solan is located at the Mall which is also the local bus stand of this city. Private and state run buses of deluxe and luxury connect Solan to different other places within and outside the state. Local places within the Solan City are also connected by Mudrika Bus Service.

Distance from Solan

You can find the distance of different places which are nearby Solan with the estimated time to reach by road below:

Distance from Solan

Distance from Solan to Kandaghat: 15.7 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 32 minutes

Distance from Solan to Pinjore: 49.4 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 1 hour 19 minutes

Distance from Solan to Kasauli: 28.7 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 57 km

Distance from Solan to Dagshai: 21 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 37 minutes

Distance from Solan to Kalka: 45.1 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 1 hour 22 minutes

Distance from Solan to Waknaghat: 24.6 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 47 minutes

Distance from Solan to Shimla: 47.2 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 1 hour 42 minutes

Distance from Solan to Kufri: 63.4 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 1 hour 51 minutes

Distance from Solan to Naldehra: 69 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 2 hours 27 minutes

Distance from Solan to Shoghi: 33.8 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 1 hour 2 minutes

Distance from Solan to Arki: 61.7 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 1 hour 28 minutes

Distance from Solan to Theog:
83.3 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 1 hour 59 minutes

Distance from Solan to Darlaghat: 76 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 1 hour 52 minutes

Distance from Solan to Karsog: 165.3 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 3 hours 48 minutes

Distance from Solan to Matiana: 99.8 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 2 hours 27 minutes

Distance from Solan to Nalagarh:
86 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 2 hours 10 minutes

Distance from Solan to Nangloi: 305.3 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 5 hours 34 minutes

Distance from Solan to Narkanda:
116 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 2 hours 51 minutes

Distance from Solan to Rohru: 144.3 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 3 hours 17 minutes

Distance from Solan to Kullu:
230.2 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 6 hours 1 minute

Distance from Solan to Manali: 269.1 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 7 hours

Distance from Solan to Dalhousie: 358.7 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 7 hours 32 minutes

Distance from Solan to Anandpur Sahib: 117.2 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 2 hours 48 minutes

Distance from Solan to Barmana: 116 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 2 hours 59 minutes

Distance from Solan to Rampur: 440 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 8 hours 15 minutes

Distance from Solan to Sundernagar: 138.4 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 3 hours 39 minutes

Distance from Solan to Nangal: 140.3 km
Estimated Time of Journey by Road: 3 hours 13 minutes

Travel Agents in Solan

Being a hot favorite tourist spot Solan has many well experienced travel agents in the city. You can certainly contact any of the travel agents in Solan and plan your trip perfectly.

Travel Agents in Solan

Himachal Tours N Travel

Maya Avenue,
Sunny Side,
Solan HO,
Near Mall Road
Solan - 173212
Phone no.: 8091 373 172 / 8265 082 650 / 9882 335 307 / 9920 036 103 / 9817 064 646 / 01792 221 666
01792 221666

Kiran Tour & Travels

The Mall Road,
Solan HO,
Opposite Girls School
Solan - 173212
Phone no.: 9318 609 000 / 9218 500 352 / 01792 223 352

Nitco Roadways Pvt Ltd – SAI Road

SAI Road,
Shri Krishna Market,
Near Laz Dharamkanta
Solan – 173205
Phone no.: 9816 595 505 / 01795 282 213

Nitco Roadways Pvt Ltd – Rajgarh Road

Raigarh Road,
Opp Municipal Committee Office
Solan - 173205
Phone no.: 9817 080 861 / 01795 223 423

India Tour & Travels

Nirmal Bhawan,
Manju Road,
Near India Gas Agency
Solan – 173208
Phone no.: 9816 699 383 / 9817 063 417 / 9816 428 040

Pulse Rate Tours

Rathour Building,
Near Airport Shimla
Solan – 173207
Phone no.: 9816 917 811 / 9857 717 811 / 01796 288 001 / 01796 288002

Sai World Wide Travel Services

2nd Floor,
Mall Solan,
Solan HO
Opposite Himani Hotel
Solan – 173212
Phone no.: 9418 451 877 / 9816 021 877

A N Tours & Travels

Near Adya Shri Vidya Jyotish & Vasastu Anusandhan Kendrya,
Upper Bazaar
Solan – 173215
Phone no.: 9418 461 433 9816 332 032 / 01792-256386 / 01792-256386

Alliance Express Services Pvt ltd

Kaushal Complex,
SAI Road,
Malhotra Hospital, Housing Unit Phase
2nd Entrance
Solan - 173205
Phone no.: 9905 259 699 / 8091 070 810 / 01795 655 033

Sant Travels

Buranwala Road,
Near Vaishnavi Comestics India Pvt Ltd
Solan – 173205
Phone no.: 9882 118 006

Praveen Tour & Travels

SAI Road,
Solan – 173205
Phone no.: 9816 859 153 9817 859 153

Travel Squre

S 03 ,
Sec Flore ,
Home Land City Mall
Solan - 173205
Phone no.: 9805 011 003 / 01795 245 233

Yash International Inc

Village Katha,
Solan – 174101
Phone no.: 9318 544 306 / 01795 245 674

O P Tourist Co

House No-144,
Nalagarh, Phase-1
Solan - 174101
Phone no.: 9816 431 453 / 9882 000 053

Thakural Travels & Immigration Consultants

Sco 66-67,
2nd Floor,
Nalagarh, Sector 8c
Solan - 174101
Phone no.: 9877 034 566 / 01795 466 9997 / 01795 466 9998

Wonderland Himachal

Amar Building,
Solan HO,
WaRoad No-4,
Block No-8,
National Highway No -22
Solan - 173212
Phone no.: 9418 077 750 / 9418 113 548 / 9817 777 502 / 01792 230 067

Satnam Taxi Services

Solan HO,
Village Bhud,
Near Torant Pharma,
Sushil Baddi
Solan - 173212
Phone no.: 9418 089 581 / 9805 864 981 / 9805 542 981 / 9218 200 081

Xperia Travels

Amar Complex,
Solan HO,
The Mall
Solan – 173212
Phone no.: 9888 149 795

Fact File of Solan
Total Area: 33.43 square KM
Total Population: 1, 02, 078
Latitude:  30.905 °N
Longitude: 77.097 °E
Altitude: 4928 feet
Average Climate: 1 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius
Languages Spoken: Punjabi, Pahari
Best Time to Visit: March to November
STD Code: 01792

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